About Us

Our story began on May 28, 1999 when my daughter, Melissa, and her husband, Russell, were blessed with the birth of twins Brett Austin and Kristen Alexandra. These were my first grandchildren and how excited I was to begin the journey with the newest members of our family. I never dreamed where this adventure would take us. Like so many moms and grandmothers of twins, we wanted to dress them alike. This would have been easy if they were the same sex, we would have just bought two matching outfits. However, we soon learned that since they were a boy and a girl this was not an easy task. It was very difficult to find coordinating outfits for special occasions, holidays, and portraits since most stores do not carry brother/sister coordinating attire.

It became our dream to open a store that specialized in matching and coordinating sibling wear which featured a variety of options for brothers and sisters including those of mixed ages. After a lot of dreaming, planning, and hard work, our dream became a reality in March, 2001 when mother/daughter team Mary Jo Surbrook and Melissa Miller opened Copy Cat Kids Clothing Co. In April, 2004, our store was flooded during a huge storm. Everything was damaged and had to go to a salvage company; thus we had to start over. It was during this time, we decided to shift our focus to specialty clothing items, heirlooms, and uniquely treasured gifts. In July, 2004, Copy Cat Kids became Alexandra & Austin. Yes, the store was named after our precious twins who were and have always been a blessing and a true inspiration to us.

Alexandra & Austin offers unique heirloom quality apparel every season for celebrations including christenings, baptisms, weddings, first communions, cotillions, graduations, birthdays, and those special portraits. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of special occasion gifts for newborns, infants, toddlers, and teens. Whatever your daughter or son’s occasion is, we want it to become a special keepsake and a cherished memory.

With over 50 years combined sales experience, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and some of the finest children special occasion apparel on the market. In addition to our selection of current inventory available, Alexandra & Austin happily accommodates for special orders and personal shopping.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and repeat business throughout the years. Additionally, thank you to our remarkable husbands, David and Russell, who have always been there to offer helping hands, strong backs, and their utmost loving support. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all of you!

We hope you will find your visit to our online store enjoyable. We appreciate your patronage. For more information, call (281)256-7650 or (800)921-ALEX or email us at: info@alexandraandaustin.com.

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May God Be With You and Bless You Always,

Mary Jo & Melissa